ZZ2 is Looking for New Staff to work

How do I apply for a job at ZZ2?

All positions are advertised by the Human Resources Department. To apply for a job, kindly send a CV totalent@zz2.co.zaWhen e-mailing your CV, please use the Subject Line of the e-mail to state the position and reference number on the advertisement you are applying for. If you fax your CV, please make sure the name and reference number of the position you are applying for are stated clearly to make identification easy. Kindly only apply for a specific job/position as advertised.

Does ZZ2 offer jobs for drivers?

We do not specifically advertise for drivers. Drivers’ positions are filled by way of internal progression where internal candidates are given precedence.

I want to deliver my CV to ZZ2 personally / directly?

It is not possible to deliver your CV to ZZ2 personally. Entering our premises are for employees, deliveries and official business only. Your CV must be sent to us electronically totalent@zz2.co.zaor fax it to 086 608 4824.

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