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Good News Boxer Is Seeking for People with Grade 10/Higher

The hiring process for Boxer stores has been unveiled

Need a place to start your career after just a Grade 10? You’ll find it here at Boxer Store, where we are looking for individuals with the necessary qualifications to work in our dynamic organization.

Why Is Boxer Store Stand Out?

Boxer Store values the passion and talent of all employees and places them above formal education. We aim to establish a work atmosphere that places emphasis on the learning of one’s talents and personal interests over academic achievement. By granting access to positions for individuals with higher qualifications, we aim to give them an opportunity to exhibit their abilities and enhance their professional careers.

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The Advantages of Joining Boxer Store


At Boxer Store, we value our employees and provide them with a variety of perks and opportunities. These include competitive pay, advancement prospects, and an opportunity to work in an environment that is inclusive. We also have roles that are ideal for people who are passionate about sales, logistics, and customer service.

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How To Apply?

Email your CV to and add your location as reference number.

If you are interested in working at Boxer Store, please visit our website or contact one of our local locations to learn more about the opportunities available. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees, and we value diversity.



Seize the opportunity to pursue your professional ambitions and join Boxer Store, where you will be part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to providing the best possible service.

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One of the biggest advantages of not having to go to school for a high school certificate is that there are numerous opportunities for people who want to work in various fields.

These jobs often provide on-the-job training, which can help you obtain new abilities and advance in your career. Even though you may not have a formal education, many companies will give you opportunities to develop and grow.

Some jobs that do not require a high school diploma offer flexible schedules, which may be ideal for individuals who are still in school or looking for a new job to boost their income.

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Although it is crucial to note that one must have a high school diploma in order to pursue certain careers, there are still numerous opportunities for individuals who do not have a formal education. Their dedication, hard work, and desire to learn can overcome any limitations.

Among the great things about jobs that do not require a high school diploma is that they can provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with avenues to career advancement.


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